With the growth of online poker lots of tools have been developed. The one I think is most important and therefore the one I use most is Holdem Manager. It was given to me some years ago by my closest friends as a gift =)
I started to use it right away and tried to learn as many things I could about it! As a cash game player, one of the things I found more complex but at the same time more useful was the HUD (Heads Up Display). I’ve found my HUD in a portuguese online poker school, EducaPoker (they no longer exist so, I think I’m not doing publicity for them…).

It looks like this:

It has 57 stats in the front and a lot more in some pop ups.

I’m doing this because I saw some other players HUDs and I think they are very poor and basic, not alowing the player to take full advantage of the stats. So if anyone wants this HUD just contact me and I can send it at the time.

In the next lines I will try to explain how it is organized and why I think the stats were well picked: (In a later post I will dig a bit more in this subject and I’ll try to explain more about each stat)

  • 1st line: Name of the player; Win Rate (bb/100) (I want to know if I’m dealing with a winning player); Number of BB (Just helps me to check if they guy is playing deep/shallow/short); VPIP (Pre-flop tendencies); PFR (More pre-flop tendencies);
  • 2nd line: Number of Hands (Just to know if I have a sizable sample where I can base my decisions about a specific player); Overall 3-Bet; Fold to 3-Bet IP (Some players tend to fold more/less when playing in position and I want to know who they are); Fold to 3-Bet OOP (Some players tend to fold more/less when playing out of position and I want to know who they are); WWSF (Won When Saw Flop gives me an idea if the palyer will playback at me); W$SD (Won Money at ShowDown tells me what kind of holdings this player will showdown); WTSD (Went to ShowDown shows me how often the player will go to showdown);
  • 3rd line: Cold Call BTN (Some players love to play the BTN and will call with every hand just because they have position, I want to know who they are); BTN 3-Bet (There are players that defend their BTN by 3-Beting); BTN 3-Bet vs CO (CO if a tuff position to play because some players on the BTN will put a lot of pressure by 3-Beting, lets find out who they are!); SQZ; Fold to SQZ as a Caller (Some players, especially bad ones, will not fold if they already called someone, if you want to SQZ them you can use this stat to know what to expect);4-Bet; BTN 4-Bet range (It helps you to figure out if your opponents are changing their 4-Bet during the battle of the blinds); Fold to 4-Bet (Some players 3-Bet a lot, but also fold a lot to 4-Bet, use this to your advantage!); Cold 4-Bet (It will help you to figure out the players that understand the dinamics of the table. Some players only cold 4-Bet with KK and AA and maybe QQ, but if you pay attention is profitable to cold 4-Bet bluff in some spots. Some players will do it, others won’t, find out who they are!);
  • 4th line (Battle of the blinds): SB fold to Steal; SB Re-Steal; BB Fold to CO Steal; BB Re-Steal vs Co; BB Fold to BTN Steal; BB Re-Steal vs BTN; BB fold vs SB Steal; BB Re-Steal vs SB; (Some players take difrent approaches in the way they play the blinds, this line will help you with that);
  • 5th line: Fold to CBet IP (Some players will fold more/less to your CBet depending if they have or not position on you); Fold to CBet OOP (Some players will fold more/less to your CBet depending if they have or not position on you); Raise CBet (Some guys will only raise nuts, other will raise every draw, others simply won’t raise your CBet, you have to know who they are and adapt); Bet vs Missed CBet IP  (Good stat to find some check-raise spots!); Overall CBet; Fold CBet vs Raise (Some player CBet almost 100% but then fold a lot if you raise their CBet! Raise them!); Check-Fold (For you to figure out if some player “check” means if we is giving you the pot);
  • 6th line: Bet vs Missed CBet OOP (When you bet turn OOP if the guy checked behind the flop); Fold to Turn CBet; Raise Turn CBet (Some players wait for the turn to make their plays, spot them); Bet vs Missed Turn CBet IP; Turn CBet; Turn CBet Fold vs Raise; River Bet; River Fold;
  • 7th line: OR UTG; OR MP; OR CO; OR BTN; OR SB; Donk Bet; Fold to Donk Bet; Limp Call (Good to spot those fishes that don’t fold once they put 1BB in the pot);
  • 8th line: UTG Fold to 3-Bet; MP Fold to 3-Bet; CO Fold to 3-Bet; BTN Fold to 3-Bet; SB Fold to 3-Bet;

Hope you can learn something from this, or at least take some ideas 😉

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