Fuel Fandango

Fuel Fandango is a band I meet for the firs time in some friend Facebook… I saw some music videoclip and just fell in love.

I’ve searched a bit information about them and found their site: http://www.fuelfandango.com, from where I took this text:

“FUEL FANDANGO is a duo formed by the singer Nita and the producer Ale Acosta.

After more than 70 concerts and 15.000 downloads of their first EP, the time has come for their first album: 13 songs where we can find funk, rock, electronic music and touches of a very personal flamenco. The album was mastered in London by Simon Daveys (Depeche Mode, Bjork, Chemical Brothers).


Fuel Fandango is the new project of Ale Acosta, producer and DJ that already surprised the audience with his former band, Mojo Project, considered a cult band with three albums in the market. Other highlights in his career are the productions, mixes and re-mixes done for important Spanish artists such as Enrique Morente, Buika, Chambao, Muchachito, El Bicho or The PinkerTones among others. Ale Acosta received two nominations in “Los Premios de la Música España 08” and one nomination for “Producer of the year” in the Latin Grammy Awards 2008.

The other half of Fuel Fandango is Nita, a young but experienced singer from Córdoba. She started her career as a girl singing coplas and flamenco. Later projects in soul, funk and electronic music have made of her a passionate performer. She is pure energy on stage.

The album was recorded between Madrid and Córdoba during the Summer of 2010. In the process, there was only one rule: to complete the recording in no more than15 days in order to maintain the freshness and personality of every song. The result is a fresh, and at the same time, vintage sound. They smoothly combine funk, rock, pop, and electronic music with synthesizers, guitars (Spanish and electric), drums and Nita´s and Ale´s voices.
They say:

“We make organic dance songs”.

This perfectly describes Fuel Fandango´s music.

Nita goes from English to Spanish without blushing, the same way she shifts from a “Black-Soul” sound to flamenco, because as they say, “flamenco does not know about languages”. Their lyrics are carefully written and well wrapped up by an elaborated production with no prejudices when it comes to mix electronic elements from dance music with rock guitars, pop melodies and touches of flamenco.

To round it up, the album has been mastered by Simon Daveys (Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Bjork) at The Exchange Studios in London.

Fuel Fandango pays special attention to staging. In their performance they play freely with flamenco elements leaving stereotypes behind.

Without a doubt, Fuel Fandango´s main strength can be seen, and enjoyed, on stage where Nita and Ale count with Carlos Sosa collaboration on the drums. Together they form an unbeatable trio and gift their audience with the most danceable versions of their music.

With their first EP they traveled to more than 70 cities (a successful visit to London included) and sold out all tickets in many of them.

Now, we just have to enjoy…”
I could have not said it better! =) Now I just need to find some live concert to see them!

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